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Common questions asked about the use of our products

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#1   How do I patch my vinyl pool?

#2  How do I properly make an underwater repair on my vinyl pool?

#3  Does water temperature influence the effectiveness of your repair kits?

#4  When I apply the patch under water and I squeeze out water bubbles the edges of the patch curl. Why does this happen?

#5  How do I get the glue off my skin or bathing Suit?

#6  What is the shelf life of your glue?

#7  What is the difference between the types of Boxer brand adhesives?

#8  I use Hydrogen Peroxide to sanitize my pool and I am having trouble getting the patches to stick. Bubbles seem to form between the patch and the liner.

#9  Can I patch my fishpond liner with your glue? Is your adhesive harmful to my fish?

#10  When I smooth out the patch, glue squeezes out, rises to the top of the water and forms a thin film on the top of the water

#11  Your patch has a smooth side and a matte finish on the other side. On which side of the patch do I apply the adhesive?

#12  I have a wader pool/thin vinyl liner. What product is best suited for a repair?


Cut a vinyl patch slightly larger than the damaged area. Allow from one to two inches margin larger than the damaged area rounding the corners with scissors. Apply a thin coat of Boxer vinyl adhesive to the patch. More glue is not better. Excessive amounts of adhesive can cause various problems (such as wrinkling of the edges of the patch or glue squeezing out from the edges into the water). Apply the patch to the damaged area squeezing out water trapped under the patch. The leak is now patched. This is a slow drying adhesive, do not disturb the patch for 48 hours. Allow one week for complete drying.


See the instructions on the page that displays your Boxer vinyl repair kit.

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Our #100 adhesive based repair kits should work at low temperatures. The cure rate will be affected. At lower temperatures more time will be necessary for the repair to completely dry. Boxer vinyl plastic repair tape (Cat. #10 and #30) is best used in temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


An excessive amount of adhesive was used. Apply less glue to the patch. In this case more is not better. The instructions for your patch kit indicate that you should use the adhesive sparingly .


For your bathing suit: Use nail polish remover or MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) available at your local paint store.

For your skin: Wash with soap and water to remove the majority of the adhesive. The oil in our skin will repel the glue, once the adhesive has dried it will peel off. Nail polish remover or MEK will also work but should not be necessary.


The #100 adhesive if tightly sealed in its container has a shelf life of approximately 10 years. The #500 and #700 based products have an approximate shelf life of two years.

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The Boxer #100 is the one to use for underwater repairs on heavy gauge vinyl liners * . This is a slow drying adhesive. The #500 & #700 dry faster than the #100 adhesive. The primary use for the Boxer #500 adhesive is for general vinyl repair (not suitable for underwater repairs). Boxer #700 is a general use adhesive with elastomeric properties, which works well on vinyl products and is perfect for repairing skimmers and other plastic and fiberglass pool accessories.

* For thin gauge wader pools Boxer vinyl plastic repair tape is recommended! Just peel and stick!


Difficulties sometimes occur when Hydrogen Peroxide is used to sanitize pools. We recommend Boxer plastic pool repair tape (cat. # 10,30). Another option is to drain the water below the damaged area and make a dry repair rather than trying to patch underwater.

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First determine if your fish- pond liner is made with rubber or vinyl. Our adhesive is not designed for rubber liners; contact the manufacturer of your liner for their recommendation.

Boxer adhesive is toxic to fish (as are all solvent based glues). If your liner is vinyl we recommend that you drain the pond, make your repair using Boxer #500 or #700 based adhesive. Allow drying time of 2 days (in cooler weather 4-5 days). Boxer #100 adhesive based repair kits would work but complete drying time (for fish safety) would be prohibitive. For smaller leaks you can use Boxer plastic pool repair tape (Cat. #10,30).



An excessive amount of adhesive was used.

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It makes no difference.


For thin vinyl (as used in wader pools) we recommend Boxer vinyl plastic repair tape (Cat. #10,30). If our liquid adhesive is not properly applied further damage might occur.

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