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Cat. No. EP3000 - Under Water Epoxy Kit

Contains : Two - 4 FL. OZ. plastic jars of EP 3000. 1 each resin and hardener.

Packed : 12 per shipping carton.

This is our finest all purpose epoxy. WORKS UNDER WATER and mends almost anything, anywhere. Mend cracks in concrete, replace loose tile, even use as a grout. Will not adhere to vinyl plastic. Consistency of peanut butter, but white in color.

Cat. No. EP3032 - Under Water Epoxy Kit

NEW, larger quart size of EP3000 Underwater Setting Epoxy. 2 - 16 OZ jars: one resin, one hardener. Consistency of peanut butter, but white in color.


Clean surfaces to be repaired with a clean cloth or an abrasive pad. Measure equal parts of both resin and hardener. Mix thoroughly for two minutes.

For underwater repairs, scoop the mixed epoxy adhesive into a sealable plastic bag (ie: zip-lock bag). Seal the bag and snip off a bottom corner away from the sealed end. Squeeze out the epoxy underwater into cracks or tile to be repaired. Use a water moistened stick or finger to smooth the epoxy. If you use your finger, be sure to remove epoxy from skin (immediately with soap and water) or (fingernail polish remover) as epoxy adheres to skin when cured.